Just a quick update here.

Reported by  Park Eunbyul on the 9th, SNSD will cease their initially planned promotion for their follow-up song in the Hoot mini album. Instead, they will be more invovled with variety shows in the future. The main reason behind this is due to Tiffany’s leg injury as it would not be the best to promote a new song without Fany, a member that, if without, leaves Soshi incomplete. Currently, SME thinks that even though Fany’s allowed to take off her cast her injury still needs rest and she unfortunately will be unable to perform.

However, by appearing on more variety shows the girls’ can not only showcase their talents, but also reveal their inspiring personalities and different sides at the same time. This is definitely a good opportunity for fans to get to know Soshi a bit more than how much they already do.

Credits: soshi00 @ Soshified, soompi_images