lehs celebrate!

After the appearance of Shoujo Jidai and AKB48’s appearance on the FNS Music Festival..the ratings for the show have boosted!

Once again there is no doubt Soshi attracts a hell of a lot of attention. The average viewer ship rating is typically 21.7% but after the December 4th episode was broadcasted, the ratings shot up to 29.4%! You can check out the performances again over here.

Now companies know what to do. View ratings suck–> Invite Soshi —> Let them take over –> Ratings go back up.

Simple concept eh? 🙂

source; fanwonder.com

Also if any of you are bored while preparing for finals..Strong Heart will be on tonight at 11:15 PM KST so head on over to Soshified for streaming. SooRi will be on together!