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Veteran singer Psy entertained fans by dancing the Hoot moves while singing his song, “Right Now”. The girls even made a short appearance in his latest performance. Like the Gee Phenomenon, the Hoot dance is making rounds in Korea once again as fellow idols are parodying the choreography in various shows. While parodies may be just for fun, they also exemplify the growing popularity of a song. Although promotions for Hoot are nearing the end, it is clear that the impacts of SNSD’s hard work are still lasting.

On the latest episode of the variety show Sebakwi, Min of MissA and comedian Kim Shin Young danced to their own interpretations of Hoot. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, Min is Hyoyeon’s longtime friend and KSY is like Soshi’s closest unnie evar. While the dances wouldn’t be considered anywhere near graceful, the two kkab-ful parodies were just as entertaining. Anyway, see for yourselves and decide whether they did the dance any justice!

Source: oumae4@youtube