So instead of wasting time and creating a post for very small updates, I’ve decided that I’ll cover everything that I can cover in this post, please hit the jump for the downlow on everything of the following:

Short interview on MTV K

Japanese magazine cut

Snsd congratulates “Like a Star”

Minho wishing Tiffany a healthy recovery

and just to liven up this front, page, here’s my fave girl:

Interview on MTV K

Since it’s not a youtube video, please visit the site

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Magazine cuts (no translation)

The cut is from a Japanese Magazine named SPUR

Credits: kissadeadgirl@tumblr , nishirichard (soompi)

Soshi congratulating “Like A Star”

Credits: bb0bbo2, sasa (for the link to eng sub)

Minho well wishing Fany’s recovery

Credits: yesimsoawesome