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Only few hours after winning their 2nd MuBank K-chart for “Hoot“, the girls guested on Super Junior Heechul’s Youngstreet Radio. The nine girls sang “Hoot” and “My Best Friend” live. One of the highlight of the guesting is when Heechul asked them to text other celebrities and asked them what animals the girls look like. No English subs yet as for now, but I’ll try to update this post with excerpts from the radio show.

Rap!Yul also made an appearance after the other girls complained about her habit of playing  music too loudly and ordering too much food, she made her apology with the help of Rap!Syoung.


Which member the girls want to be with to:

1. Drink with: Yuri picks Tiffany (she also mentions YULTI)

2. Talk all night with: Seohyun picks Hyoyeon

3. Go to the bathhouse: Sooyoung picks Seoyeon

4. Double DJ: Taeyeon picks Yoona

5. Drink Two-shot: Tiffany picks Yuri

Which member the girls DON’T want to be with:

1. In a heated argument: Yoona picks Seohyun

2. To eat snacks with: Hyoyeon picks Yuri

3. When you want to sleep in a car: Jessica picks Yuri

4. In an interview with: Sunny picks Jessica


What animals the girls look like?

Yoona texted comedian Jang Dongmin and his reply was “I don’t remember your face, please send me your pic.” LOL I see you trying to be sly, Jang Dongmin. Yoong also texted Super Junior Kyuhyun and he said she looks like a DEER.

Jessica texted SS501 Kim Hyunjoong. His reply was “… a type of  a CAT? PERSIAN CAT.” She also texted 2AM Seulong and he replied that she looks like a FOX.

Sooyoung messaged Super Junior Yesung, and he thinks she looks like a character in “Ice Age”. Singer Tim replied that she reminds him of SEAL. Actor Jung Joon (I’m not sure about this one…) replied that she looks like SLOW LORIS.

Yuri messaged Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk and SHINee Minho (OMG MINYUL!); Leeteuk replied she looks like BROWN SHEEP while Minho replied she reminds her of POODLE.

Seohyun texted  KARA Nicole (OMG SEOCOLE!) and she said Seobaby reminds her of PARROT. She also messaged 2AM Jinwoon (Seobaby is in trouble trouble trouble~) and he replied she looks like KIWI.

Sunny messaged SNSD’s favorite unnie Kim Shinyoung and she replied that Sunny Bunny looks like a ROBBER CAT. She also texted T-ara Hyomin (SUNBYUNG IS REAL!!!) and the folding  screen replied that she reminds her of KANGAROO.

Hyoyeon texted Super Junior Eunhyuk (OMG HYOHYUK!) and his reply was “WORM” lol. Hyo also messaged SHINee Key and his reply was BEAVER.

Tiffany asked 2PM Junho and Taecyeon (WHAT TIME IS IT? IT’S 9PM!) and their reply was that she looks like PUPPY and HAMSTER, respectively.

Taeyeon texted MBLAQ GO (I have no idea they know each other!) and his reply was she looks like KANGAROO ( DANDYU KANGAROOS!). She also texted 2PM Wooyoung (OMG WOOTAE!)  and he replied that she looks like RABBIT. While Kim Shinyoung replied that she looks like PTERODACTYL lol.

credits; MomonsChannel@youtube, ItsAllAboutYul2@youtube, SNSDfacts@twitter
written by; crazy51@snsdkorean