Good news : iSUBS would be collaborating with RDRSubs to work on this particular episode as top priority! So we can expect the release soon!

Listen up! It has been confirmed that on the 31th of October,the episode of Running Man guesting our beloved black pearl Yuri would be aired!
With national MC Yoo Jae Suk as the main host of this variety show together with his interesting lineup members,and its unique program concept,where they play a number of games at various popular landmarks in South Korea during closed hours,i can’t help falling in love with it and i’m glad Yuri would be appearing on it!

I recalled that Jae Suk admires Yuri the most among our girls and i’m curious to see their interaction on the show.
Check out the preview under the cut!

If you guys are interested in watching this subbed,head over to iSUBS,register for an account,drop them many thanks and then enjoy!

As to why Yuri are seen crying the above pictures,i’m guessing it to be a hidden camera prank.

Credits : bestiz,Soshified@Twitter,SmoothyEcoS04@Youtube