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Updated with Full HD performance video and longer translation!

With the broadcast of Music Station & Music Japan,our girls continues to take on Japan by making an appearance on yet another Japanese music program ‘Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ‘.
They performed to Gee and had an interview session.
Without any further ado,check out the following videos and some translations!

Introduction :

(1:33 – 4:25)

Sooyoung : I’m Sooyoung who likes scary rides in amusement park,such as rollercoasters.
Yuri : I’m Yuri who likes takoyaki.
Hyoyeon : I’m Hyoyeon who can’t wait for replies after i sent mails.
Jessica : I’m Jessica who likes to browse fashion magazines
Yoona : I’m Yoona who is scared of ghosts. XD
Tiffany : I’m Tiffany who likes caramel coffee.
Taeyeon : I’m Taeyeon who dislikes tests.
Sunny : Hey hey hey. I’m really happy to meet you. I’m Sunny who likes pudding and jelly.
Seohyun : Even when snsd ages I will always be the maknae Seohyun.

After snsd’s introductions the MCs wanted the girls’ interpreter to introduce herself too.
MC: Excuse me from what generation are you?
Interpreter: middle aged generation.

MC: You guys don’t fight?
MC: Who hits who?
Interpreter: There are times when they fight, but they don’t hit each other.

MC: Today you have a message from your senpai.
Sooyoung: yes.
MC: Who is it?
Sooyoung: From BoA.
MC: What?
Sooyoung: Yes comments from BoA.
MC: You are really good.
imitates Sooyoung: yes comments from BoA.
MC: But the best one is the middle aged generation here.

Talk :

Gee :

Credit : TheSoneSource14 & dokmaid@Youtube
Translation : Bekkychan@Twitter