Everyday a star is born, and SNSD is one of those rare stars that SONES were blessed with. Clap for ’em…because this star is now shining brighter and brighter. (Did anyone catch the reference? Cookies to you if you did.)

Recochoku, a Japanese mobile site, recently conducted a poll asking voters to choose the ranking of female idols as goddesses. With no surprise, SNSD placed 3rd place. Don’t frown SONES because our girls were competing against other major Japanese celebrities and for a newbie group, the girls are doing quite well. *Claps* 😛 Apart from doing well on this poll, the girls’ dvd “New Beginning of Girls’ Generation” is NUMBER 1 ON ORICON TODAY.

On the other hand, the girls’ good friends Kara made it sixth place! Good job Kpop girls!

Lastly, remember today is the 25th in Korea aka the digital release of Hoot! Be on the lookout!

written by Boss Lady