As you all know, the 16th and the 17th showed SNSD giving awesome performances at their record-breaking Into The New World concert in Taiwan; which were great nights for SNSD and Taiwan-SONE alike.

However, putting a damper on the celebratory vibe, one entertainment news channel centred their report about lip-synced performances, which meant that the girls ended up drawing negative feedback from certain media outlets and their ever-present critics. Recently, it’s apparently become something of a ‘hot topic’.

Surprisingly, the unprecedented hero of this story is SME, the girls’ entertainment agency. They issued a statement on the 20th saying;

“During the most recent concert in Taiwan, SNSD performed and sang over 30 songs live.

There were some songs where they lip-synced due to the strong choreography, but we did this only to emphasize the dancing and to put on a better on-stage performance for the Taiwanese fans to enjoy. We’re saying this again, SNSD danced and sang live to most of their songs for both their Taiwan concerts.

“And because the Taiwanese fans saw SNSD putting in their best effort, they passionately cheered them on throughout both concerts. SNSD was also aware that this was their first independent concert in Taiwan as well, which is why they put on an even more passionate performance – but to hear controversy over just a few songs in which they lip-synced only to emphasize the dancing is really unfair.”

Fans who attended the concert and also fans who attended the Seoul date have also brought light to the fact that only 2-4 songs were lipsynced out of the 33-36 songs performed, and that the songs in question were the more dance-oriented performances or solos. Most of the concert was live, and a very stable live at that, the fans say. With a Korean come-back with “Hoot” around the corner, just having released their Japanese single “Gee”, and flying between Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Singapore within such a short amount of time, I’m surprised they even had the energy for 2 nights of concert-goodness.

Anyway, basically, this can all be chalked up to the media focusing on small things and blowing them out of proportion just to get more attention. So take pride in our girls’ performance level and don’t even pay attention to deluded antis saying that they are anything but great entertainers. To tell the truth, SNSD have barely lipsynced at all since their ITNW days, and they really only don’t sing when they are tired/sick, or it’s on a stage that doesn’t have a sound system that can support nine mics.

On another note, it’s surprising to see SM Entertainment addressing an issue this small. It may have something to do with the fact that SM are scurrying to get into SNSD’s good books as contract renewals are coming up, or maybe it’s just that SM know how much of an asset SNSD are and are protecting their “Asia No.1” reputation. Either way, good for them. ^^

In other news, with around 24,000 fans in attendences and tickets completely sold out, the night was a success and SNSD set a record for the largest Taiwan concert for a foreign female artist. Yay them~

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article by; procrastinatoress@snsdkorean