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Queen B has said it.

If time machines were possible, BoA would’ve not been a solo artist..she would have been the 10th member of Girls Generation. (Someone better start inventing that NOW.)

On the latest episode of Sketchbook, BoA was asked “If you were to take a time machine back to age 13, what decision would you have changed?” She answered that she would not have been BoA and instead would have been a Soshi girl. She’s been in SME since she was 13 so imagine just how difficult things were for a little girl, trying to tackle on the music industry alone. She also stated that ever since she’s started doing promotions overseas, things have been very hard. Not to mention she used to train in a basement while the later generation of idol singers get nicer facilities to practice in.

D’awww, it’s such a bittersweet thing to think about though. That would mean no BoShi but some other pairing type 😐 As I typed this article, I tried to imagine another member in SNSD. Things would be so different but…since we can’t step back into the past, I’d like to root for a SNSD/BoA collaboration. 😀 WHOSE WITH ME?!

And since we’re on the topic of BoA…

Since we all love BoShi so much, I’ll share my favorite BoShi moment and YOU share YOURS if you have one!
Screw spamming, here’s my all time favorites in an old POST.

source; blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net
written by: bosslady @snsdkorean