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Do not be offended by Jessica‘s comment on Tiffany,because i’m sure she meant it as a joke. After all,don’t forget about the JeTi love.
As mentioned by Fany,the girls are going to have a encore ITNW concert in Taiwan on both 16th and 17th.
So we can expect great fancams & photos to be up for those who couldn’t attend!

On another hand,some new concert goods would be available for sales ONLY at the venue itself,on top of the old ones. Do not ask where to get them.
Check them out in the following.

Official Lightstick:

Official T-shirt:

Official towel:

Official blanket (Only 600 available,limited to 1 per person):

Official luggage tag (Exclusive just for this concert):

Credits : chichinhu@Youtube & SoShi Merchandise Catalogue