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In courtesy of Jessica,one of our commentors for the translation.

Soon after her previous UFO star call,Seobaby is back with another star call for us!
This time round,she is spotted wearing her Genie outfit! Aww so sexy.

Hi everyone, are all of you doing fine? Recently, I’m reading books again. What kind of books do you read? I really want to read novels, what kind of novels do you like. Can you recommend me some because I rarely read novels. I read a lot of self-improvement books due to my parents. If you read books, you will have a wider view to the world. I haven’t had experiences on many things, but through reading books, I could experience it second handly. So, you should read more books. I will recommend a book to you.

A few more updates for you all.

Firstly,it has been confirmed that ‘Sweet Delight’ is the title of Jessica‘s upcoming solo CM song.

Secondly,SNSD and f(x) will perform at the 2010 World Knowledge Forum on Oct 13th.

And lastly,Goobne had released new posters of the girls once again.

You can get them from grapemusiccd@ebay.
He’s a very reliable seller,according to my personal experience with him.

Take note SNSDKorean & I are not in any way affiliated with him.
Thus we WILL NOT take any responsibility for any issues with your order.

Sources : Yurui912,PeteSamchon & pinkufany@Twitter
Credits : kjw6676@Youtube & grapemusiccd