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As noted a while back, Tiffany will be releasing a song for Haru OST .. and it seems a date has been set for October 24th(?). Here is the preview (again!) because her voice just melts you~

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Haru [An Unforgettable Day in Korea] appears to be a short web drama for promoting tourism and features some of the nations top stars such as Yunho, Kim Bum & Big Bang. No soshi members are present, but it can be watched here with English subs:

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] Tiffany’s song starts at about 8:40 into the second video.

Also, a comic about Tiffany has been posted recently and the happenings are rumored to be real, although nothing has been confirmed. It likely would’ve been reported if it happened, so just take it as a story and enjoy the short read for now. Irregardless of its validity, we know Tiffany’s heart is pure and wouldn’t hesitate to do something like this. ❤ Much thanks to the artist for the hard work! Don’t you wish there was a Soshi manga released weekly or something?

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