Yes you heard it right! On top of the added bonus goods for the Japanese Gee albums,we can also expect the PV to be released tomorrow(6th Oct,KST).

Next,there are plans to publish a informative book of our girls! According to HMV Japan,it is set to be released on the 10th of November and it costs 1,050 yen,which is approximately 12.50USD. If you would like to pre-order it,you can do so here.

In aspect to the contents,here are the details.

1) History of their activities
2) Profile & comments of the girls
3) Photos
4) Styling tips & remarks etc
5) Their thoughts on the overwhelming response from the Japanese fans.

Most probably it would be printed in Japanese. Oh well.
Nonetheless,stay tuned to this post for the PV!

Source : Soompi,star.mt.co.kr/hmv.co.jp
Credit : Yurui912@Twitter,fanwonder.com,sssssssss610@Youtube