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How Sweet?

This Sweet.

Vids Below: Sweet Potatoes 26, Sunny & Sica from Daum application, and a Jessica Starcall!

Starting off, we have the super quick rundevilrun subs release of Sweet Potato 26! This is the episode where Yoong gives Hyun a sweet potato field! Oh Seobaby, I think your unnies will soon have to let you go~ ;__;


And then we have 2 short clips from daum. Very cute messages from SunSica, makes you feel relaxed, no? Thanks to fanwonder.com for the translations, please give them lots of love!

This is Sunny! It’s a lazy afternoon, aren’t you feeling sleepy?
Let Sunny’s aegyo make your sleepiness disappear!
wake up, wake up, wake up, ppyong!
So, please be cheerful for the rest of the day!

This is Jessica. Good Night!

Finally, Jessica comments on the 1st SONE fan meeting via starcall, thanks again to silis for translations. Yes Jessica, we will try our best to learn Japanese.. ne~? A very cute ending to the call with an awkward Sica. ;3

Hello this is SNSD Ice Princess Jessica
It’s been a while everyone

We had the fanmeeting some time ago
Did you enjoy it?
I’m Like This~ We performed it you know

We have started the Japan activities recently
First with Tell Me Your Wish and now we will be promoting with Gee
I hope we can get lots of support from everyone
It’s hard to speak like this in Japanese so it’s a little frustrating
But we are trying to do our best in learning Japanese so everyone you should try too

Be careful of catching cold since it’s in-between seasons
Oh I don’t know.
Jigeumeun, SNSD!

cr; rundevilrunsubs, fanwonder.com (+kisun) , TheSoneSource13 + taeng22@youtube, bestiz, silis7noy2@soompi