Interested in Soshi’s tips on beauty, fashion, and more? After their September coverage in the Cosmopolitan Korea Magazine, the girls are coming up for round two in the November issue of ViVi Japan Magazine!

Look under the cut for the preview!

The girls are often praised for their bangin’ bods, dismissed as merely idols famous for looks. However, to maintain such figures, they take dance lessons for about 6 hours every single day. Yoona commented, “We dance in heels a lot, so when our feet swell after work, we place them in cold water.” Tiffany also added that all members stretch and exercise constantly to keep in shape. O_O Daaaang talk about dedication. Don’t ever say Soshi isn’t hardworking until you try doing THAT.

On fashion, Taeyeon expressed her love for “relaxed vintage styles.” I think she means something like the style of the girls’ photoshoot in Japan, but we’ll know for sure in the coming weeks. After spending some time in Japan, Soshi also became exposed to Japanese fashion, and they voiced their interest in new styles. When they arrived at Japan they shopped in places like Shibuya, Harajuku and Daikanyama.

Also, the girls recommend spots in Korea, so if you’re planning to hit up Korea sometime, this magazine is a must see!

Since Soshi will be introduced one by one, I’m hoping there will be a huge photo spread to go along with that 😛 Check back on Snsdkorean for the full scoop on Soshi’s beauty tips! If you’re complaining that the magazine will be released next month, remember that the Japanese version of “Gee” will be released on October 20th! Every month is So Nyuh Si… Month!

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