The fans get a shout out from SNSD for making their debut in Japan a massive success.

On September 17th the girls were on MTV’s “SNSD in Japan Special” with topics such as their debut performances along with preparation for future events.

Sunny: “I was so surprised as the overwhelming response was more than what we expected. I was moved by the response even before I got onto the stage. We will work harder in the future.”

Taeyeon: “On our dance choreography, we are trying to highlight the members’ body line rather than just on the legs.”

The show included the girls performing Gee, Genie, Oh!, and RDR at the Ariake Coliseum on August 15th

The girls have also attended the 2010 Girls Award at the National Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo on September 18th

And now some more News SONE’S can be excited about

The Japanese version of Gee will be released on October 20th as a single, the single will also include the Korean version of Gee and a version without the main vocals.

There is also a deluxe limited edition available only on pre-order which includes

Special Limited Edition Package with deluxe photo book design, design for nine more
Random sealed trading card.
The DVD is “Gee” Japanese version of dance music in addition to ver. Well
Will be included.
Deluxe Limited Edition is limited because few of your reservation early!

Now we wait for the grand arrival of Gee in Japanese….

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Source: Yurui912