Okay..MAYBE the poll wasn’t talking about stuff like THAT but Taeyeon has recently been crowned first place as Aegyo Queen. DC recently conducted a poll called “Idol overflowing with aegyo that melts mens’ hearts.” 16,801 votes came in and our little kid leaded snagged first place with 60.8% of the votes! DAYUM. Not to mention, Sunny took second place with 17.2% of the votes!

Our girls be dominating them polls 🙂

To be honest though, I always found Tae to be cutest when she isn’t being forced to do aegyo on the spot. Her natural actions are so much cuter and heart melting than when the aegyo hungry men demand it 😛 Sunny though, I’ll tell you, she’s a pro. Except there’s the occasional moment where people wanna give her the punch 😀 Kidding, I don’t wanna punch her. Just pinch her cheeks ❤

So SONES, do you agree with this poll? ( Course you do..) Share your favorite moments with us!

source; Translated by: Yeji@soshified.com,한경닷컴 부수정 기자 oasis@hankyung.com

written: boss lady