It’s Sooyoung… it’s Fany… it’s Sunny… IGAIIIIIIII SHYOUJO JIDAI DESU!!!!

😦 They only subbed the part I understood, which was what the girls said (“Good Evening, we are girls generation!”).

I’m guessing this is a preview for some talk show? Well, we knew it would be coming! I have no clue what show or when is this going to be broadcasted, but on the left it says “Next week september 8th (wednesday)  25 hours and 40 minutes (wtf is 25 hours?), giving out kpop beautiful leg beauties [idol] group show up!” which loosely translates to “Broadcasting next week, on September 8th (wednesday) at 1:40am (I’m guessing), the grand appearance of beautiful kpop girl group with killer legs!”

Can’t wait 🙂 I”m more excited for their japanese Genie perf tho.. excited to hear them sing in nihongo~!

VideoCredits: TheSoneSource12 @ youtube