As we all know, SNSD will be performing in Taiwan on October 16th! I’m sure a lot of Taiwanese fans are ready because the tickets managed to sell pretty nicely.

Advance ticket sales went online for sale on the 28th but with so many fans flooding the home page, the server ended up crashing. (Da powa of 9!) The site couldn’t restore their home page so they ended up doing offline sales. Within 1 and 1/2 hours, 11,000 out of the 12,000 tickets were sold.

I know many of you are thinking…that’s not THAT fast but let’s keep in mind this is in a country where SNSD hasn’t even promoted in yet. This concert could possibly gain the girls even MORE fans so let’s wish em good luck 😀 Any fans here going?!

*ps I haven’t been writing much but I’m finally getting settled into university life so more posts shall be coming again!

source: kanki@soshified.com
written: boss lady