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First off… OMFGAH TRAX IS BACK!!!! *cries blood* Freaking finally, they’re back and it seems like they really have a chance of making it big as  a band.

So a day or two ago, it was revealed that Seobaby would star in TRAX’s latest song, “Oh! My Goddess“. Yes, there is an anime by the same title but rumor has it, the boys were inspired by the anime’s title to write this song. As you probably already assumed, it’s about a beautiful girl; a man’s goddess.

Check it out!

Pictures of Seobaby in a wedding dress:

Now check out the full song below, previewed at SM Town Live

Sounds so good~

And in case you couldn’t remember who TRAX (cuz it’s not like anyone ever does -_-) is, Seobaby’s played at their performances many times before when the band tried to make a comeback earlier this year. Here’s an example of a performance:

Other great TRAX songs:

Small tidbit: TRAX started in 2004 and many of their members have gone to do separate things now. The only two that remain are the guitarist and lead singer I think. Whereabouts of their bassist is unknown and their former drummer, ROSE, has become an actor now… Siwon once substituted as their drummer. TRAX also started out as guests when BoA would perform ROCK YOU in Korea and they were also featured in BoA and DBSK‘s single, Tri-Angle. When the band noticed that rock (bands) wasn’t Korea’s thing (yet), they moved to Japan. The lead singer being fluent in English and Korean, became fluent in Japan and hit it pretty big there until they decided to take a hiatus.

Credits: uploaders @Youtube.com

Pictures: allkpop.com