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Hello everyone! This is the omniscient, omnipotent, omnivorous, and indispensable writer Herr0 from Snsdkorean reporting on the current tsunami in Japan.

Interestingly, this tsunami is not an ordinary tsunami; its tremendous size and effect has labeled it The Pink Tsunami of SNSD and it’s impacting the entire Asian island! From the initial power waves dubbed The Japan Snsd Showcase earlier this week, The Pink Tsunami showed no signs of stopping. The professional K-Sone teams of Shining Smile, Flying Petals, TangPa, Thsutleo all witnessed The Showcase (and were strangely enlightened by the experience).

Today, Japan was hit with a short 15 min performance in Odaiba, Japan. Despite the brevity, J-Sones made sure to observe the phenomenon at Mezamashi Live. Here is some footage of The Tsunami in action. Ladies and gentlemen, brace for impact:

Accounts of those who witnessed The Tsunami:

I went to SNSD’s Mezamashi Live.
…Before the performance they were showing SNSD MVs repeatedly on the big screen, and the fans were shouting along fanchants with the MVs.
Especially the female fans, high school fangirls were excited like no joke it was scary.
Well it is right before the debut.
Fans wouldn’t have gathered like that at Ariake unless they really are in love.

The MCs announce then 5,4,3,2,1 SNSD appears!
They sang two songs and did member introductions then the event was over.
Fans were shouting encore and the MCs saying it’s not possible…
But at this Mezamashi Live it was possible to watch SNSD more up close than at Ariake.
I can’t even tell you how great this event was today.

“SNSD’s cover of Tell Me is a work of art” – Another J-celebrity SNSD fan was found, Kaneko Shusuke, a movie director. He directed the Death Note movie, among many others. He closed old one and started a new twitter just to commemorate SNSD’s Japan arrival. It looks like he even went to the Showcase, he twitted “SNSD, to say it very clearly they were shockingly cute.”

Some DARE runDEVILrun action: please do NOT try this at home. These are professional fangirls at the site of The Tsunami.

Based on pictures, videos, fan accounts, it seems like Japan has an army of fangirls just waiting to be released into a fervor that is the love for Soshi, or the study of Pink Tsunamis. Although Sones are usually generalized as “crazy fanboys”, Japan shows that YES, THERE ARE CRAZY FANGIRLS TOO (this is coming from a fangirl herself 😀 lol).

Never underestimate the power of Fangirls. Or you may lose your underwear.

It just goes to demonstrate the wide array of SNSD lovers out there. Due to the joining force of these amazing Sones, 10,000 copies of Genie have been sold so far in the first week of promotions. The current goal is to sell 30,000 copies in the first week, which would be a HUGE accomplishment. Reaching this level shouldn’t be all that difficult, because the waves of The Tsunami are clearly affecting the people of Japan already. Check out the Oricon DVD Sales Ranking so far:

8/25 13th

8/26 12th

8/27 5th (Showcase effect?)

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Hello snazzy newspapers

And from Sooyoung!

Here is some footage from Korean News stations MBC, KBS, and SBS  of The Showcase waves hitting Japan earlier this week.


On a side note, the SNSD waves are also flooding Urban Dictionary, which makes their popularity legit have a good weekend!


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