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Do Mondays suck for you? Had a long weekend? Stressful day? Here’s a video that’ll cheer ANY one up..

credits, ccc2
I know how lame..I JUST found this last week. -_-

You try watching that video without cracking a smile. You’ll know it’s impossible. Just look at the mad eye smiles going on ❤

This post would just be too short if I didn’t post a lil more so…BoShi I lavv you ❤ Lehh go watch some fan cams of the pairing at SM Town. (Well..maybe its more BoFany but whatever.)

cr; sonefancamreturn

cr; jp8587

And this might not be BoShi but Jessica is so frickin’ cute here.

That other lady would be Sunday from CSJH
cr; awesomebekky3

Enjoyy 🙂 Sorry if I’m mad posting, once university life begins I don’t know if I’ll have as much time.