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For the 2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave Festival on the 29th of August, the MCs will be no other than Yuri and Tiff, along with MBC announcer Oh Sang Jin.

These three were the MCs last year at the festival and they have been chosen again to be the hosts of the event that will take place in less than a week.

While I’m sure many Yulti shippers are jumping for joy at the return of the power duo MCing, is hosting a music festival at this time any good for the girls?

As you guys know, both girls are currently busy in Japan for their multiple showcases. In addition, Tiffany is not in perfect condition as a result of her sprained ankle. Although she went to the hospital after the SM Concert and is now wearing a cast, we can only hope that she’ll feel well enough to participate in the upcoming events.

What do you guys think?

Cr: Media.daum.net