These past 9 hours have been..interesting to say the least. So as the Bawss, let’s take a step back  away from the craziness and go back to where we used to be. 🙂 Wow I totally tried to sound metaphorical, fail.

So new pictures have been released of the Leada and Maknae for Despicable Me aka Superbad. (Why change the name though?) And then other random things under the cut!
credit: fnn.co.kr; mokochan@soshified.com

Word has it (aka rumor) that Yuri is up for a couple of leading roles for a few dramas but she’d have to knock out other big named stars before anything is set. We’ll see what happens 😀

Also, SM has stated that Tiff’s injury isn’t anything too major and they only put the cast on it to protect it from further injury. Hyoyeon was said to be helping her walk around when they were spotted at the Japanese airport (maybe it was the Korean one, I’m totally winging this and doing it from memory).

Sweeeeet! 🙂