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and pretend you’re there with our girls! SM Town Live in Seoul has ended a few hours ago and like every year, we’re here to give you the goodies! Check it out and be prepared for constant editing!

Lehhh’ssss goooo!

EDIT number..4?: New account on Tiffany’s injury and the supposed Jessica “fainting incident” cleared up. Also new fan cams at the bottom.

dreadtech: a few pics and gifs, vids of jess and krystal + full song, Taeyeon fancam added, smtown ending fancam, SNSD+BOA, Yuri fancam. Yoona fancam

ruraldaze: added a pink ocean pic at the end of the post. Check it out!

Boss: Just threw in the dance battle fan cam. Could they pick a greater song 😀

Lachata and Ke$ha’s Tik Tok by the Jung sistasss! Hot.

Here’s a vid:

I lavvv jess’s tummy.

FULL FANCAM OF TIK TOK – lower the volume, it gets crazy with feedback.

Kyuhyun and Seobaby’s duet video!

Drives me nuts if seobaby and her HUSBAND haven’t even held hands yet but she is with him 😦


Pink Ocean~


My Child




SNSD + BOA getting caked by minho

Yul and Luna dance battle

And supposedly Tiff was not on stage for a certain song and Hyo had to sing her part. Apparently she sprained her ankle. Seobaby also sang Tiff’s part for Gee. She slipped on some cake and Yoona and Yuri had to catch on (BoA’s cream cake word has it).Aish hope she’s feeling better.

Concert highlights



Click for full size.

I party like a rockstar…look like a movie star…fkc like a pronstarr..baby I’m a supa star. hahaha.

oh my gosh, this camera…is amazing.

From silis7noy:
There is no clear information on Tiffany’s injury yet. Some people overheard staff talking about it and it doesn’t seem to be anything serious so that’s good. Since it’s ankle area even little injuries can last for a while but I’m sure they’re taking good care of her.
As for Jessica there is no report of her fainting. It looks like she slipped but she did not get injured.

Overall there really isn’t any incident in this concert that people need to worry about so just enjoy all the goodies coming ^^ Ksone’s support was just awesome as everyone witnessed. SNSD had the most banners displayed and the girls saw all that from the stage and were very proud and happy! And the pink light sabres were the talk of the town. Again according to staff it really stands out watching from the stage and the girls loved it and even other artists were talking about it backstage~

The supposed fainting was this picture:

Thanks to every single SONE that tweeted and took pictures for the fans, the snsd thread over at soompi, and all the youtube uploaders!