Update : Tons of photos of the girls’ arrival!

Get these pink lightsabers up!

In an hour or so,the first SM Town concert is gonna start.
It’s a pity we can’t be there in person,but well at least we have some kind souls who are willing to share their experiences with us!

In courtesy of jamieluvsosi,here are the booths of our beloved girls and SM Everysing spotted at the place itself!

And next up,we have the free SM Town application for iPhone,iPod Touch and iPad!

Grab yours here!
I haven’t really play with it but it sure looks interesting!

It seems like the girls and their respective family members has gathered for a press conference and photos are being shared around. Take a look at them as followed.

That’s some really heavy makeup there. Nonetheless the girls still look as gorgeous!

P.S. There are way too many photos to cover,pardon me if i’ve left out any.

Source : Soompi,Twitter,SONEms.
Credits : jamieluvsosi@Twitter,bestiz,wtfdan8939@Twitter,naver,as tagged.