This is a tad late and I totally forgot about GT (thanks for compiling!)  mentioning it that he saved it in the drafts for one of the staffers to pick up! So here are some more great fan accounts of the girls, enjoy the read 😀

In this update: the girls dork around lots with toy lizards + chickens, and turn more innocent people into SONEs!

Some words about our girls twitted by one of the filming crew who traveled to Phuket together

… Where did these girls get that (toy lizard?) I turned around and saw it and almost fainted.. there are no other childlike pranksters like them

When people are playing a game together there is always that one person who keeps losing keke the word ending game that traps Tiffany.. it might make the kid tear up.. Much more cheerful atmosphere all around I’m getting excited together!

“I can do everything through those who give me strength” she said it’s based on a Bible verse and says that the “who” to her are the members who she described as her family. It’s only been short while but the more I experience them the more I’m affected by these girls with warmhearted personalities..


More words from a different crew member. These staffers are one of the original sources that first broke the Phuket photoshoot rumor last week.

They work it beyond whatever we make them wear these active and zealous girls… having mermorized the past issues of Dazed & Confused Jessie is impressive heh…

Again today the girls eat eat eat and eat again……. heh hearing the fact that they were never given this type of vacation in Korea it’s surprising and saddening.. One thing’s for sure their food intake approaches that of adult men’s…

…more than what I had thought going beyond being just friendly I can see the camaraderie of this bonded family.. As long as the environment supports it I can feel that these girls’ era will continue for a long time

Sudden appearance of a toy chicken on this hot day.. Where did they get that from and they are very loud heh….. The staff have started to run out of energy but they seem unaffected it’s interesting


August 8, 2010

Around 6pm, the girls came down filming at the beach. Taeyeon was the first one to come out.
When she saw the beach she start scream (give the feel like first time seeing the beach (lol)
And then the rest of the girls come out. Yoona tie her hair and very crazy (dork)
Jessica was wearing hat, wore white etude’s dress. Fany braided her hair.
Yoona was playing with dog close to the beach

Seohyun was filming with a small camera, running around the beach.
Yuri film after seohyun… after she’s done filming the girls gather and film a video clip

After the filming, there’s a foreign kid playing with sands, the girls went to take pics and play with the kid
Yoona use her blackberry to take the picture, so as Yuri.
While Yoona was playing with the kid, Tiffany told the girls ‘let’s go’ ‘because the manager tell them to leave
Hyoyeon was the first one to leave, she smiles at the fans. It was when the guards let the girls and fans get a little close the each other (like saying hi or smile to each other)
The girls were greeting the fans. Jessica, Tiffany, and Sunny were the next one to walk back to their room(s), followed by Yoona.
Yuri walks and greets the fans saying ‘sa wad dee ka’ (means hello) (she greets like how Thai people do, put your hands together around your chest area)
*The fans were surprise so they did the same thing back to her (the greeting style in Thai)
When Taeyeon was walking behind Yuri she said ‘kob khun ka’ (means Thank You). Some fans were saying the girl’s motto

Seohyun and Sooyoung walk back, they greets the fans saying hi and stuff (in Thai). Some fans said ‘We Got Married’, she looks a little shy. So she just said hello and walk back with Sooyoung

Some little moments added:

YoonYul were taking pictures with the kid, Taeyeon was also there. Their manager told them to go back to their room. Tiffany yell out to Taeyeon like 2-3 times, like ‘Taeyeon-ah!’, but Taeyeon wasn’t paying attention, so she walk back with Jessica.

YoonSic were playing with the foreign kid by themselves

After the video filming, Jessica walks out and was talking to some fans in Korean. Yuri calls Sica and walk back together; the fans were yelling ‘Yusicaaaa!’

Yoona was very crazy and dorky; she doesn’t even care for her looks.

After the girls went back to their room(s), there were 2 water bottles that the girls left; one of them was Sunny’s. Jessica took the bottle and was washing her legs, and Tiffany took the same bottle to drink (lol)

*It’s like the way Thai people greets each other (like how Koreans bows as a greeting)
Usually the younger ones are the ones who have to greet first (put their hands together around chest area). After someone greets you like that, usually you have to greet them the same way (like bowing in Korea). The fans were surprise because maybe the fans are younger (?), It’s kinda wrong if the older ones greet first. Or the fans were just unexpected (lol)

August 9, 2010

On the 9th, around 3:30pm, the girls came out filming videos and taking pictures. They dress the same as yesterday. Hyoyeon was the first one coming with the van, by herself; she’s cute and very happy.

The next car came a little while after Hyoyeon’s, there were Taeyeon, Sunny, Yoona, Sooyoung, Seohyun, and then they went filming

Seohyun was really cute, she runs around in the beach, until Hyoyeon playfully spanks her on the butt, like when mom hits their child (lol), they were really cute, very dorky. But our maknae doesn’t stop; she keeps running around the beach. The girls wrote leave some messages, Sunny wrote her own name.
It’s really windy today, Taeyeon’s hat fall into the sea
The girls were filming, Yuri, Jessica, and Tiffany calls them (?). When Jessica got out of the van, she said ‘sica let go’
Yuri turns around and smiles to the fans hide away from the manager

The place where I sit is like where the cars going up and down, very lucky (?)
The 9 angels came and take pictures together –cut –
The girls were taking pictures with their own cellphone
Fany took out her phone and take a picture of her. – Cut this part-
After the filming was done, they all went back to the hotel, all in one van

The girls are probably tired because they take boxing lesson before doing photoshoot.
Sunny was smile to the fans when going back. Seohyun really wanted to greet the fans but their manager wouldn’t allow

*I cut some of the part out because it’s gives a hint on what the girls filming is like
And I don’t get some of the part, where I put (?) means I don’t really understand it.

Credit: loVEtiFfaNy, 98 Degrees @soshifanclub

translate: sLuMbOmBaE@soompi

D: “The Swensen ice cream and Mr Donut from Central Festival were gone instantly.. It was enough food for staff and all, 25 servings but…”

J: “Bunch of them girls attacked it and it was like getting swept up by hurricane kekekekeke Ice cream is too sweet, not for me..”

D: “Who cares about your taste. I couldn’t even taste it heh They were completely gone when I came back~ Looks like their bio-batteries get recharged by the limitless food intakes..”

D: “Supposed to be the fairy of this era and a rising new actress but such person is nowhere to be found… she chases them around calling out Unnie Unnie and that makes them scream and run away and she gets so amused by that”

D: “Because of that the sense of the word unnie is breaking up in my head..”

J: “If you are in her range then watch out.. you don’t know what will happen kekeke Did you see her playing hula hoop with her neck and she flung it away..”