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Yesterday was Friday the Thirteenth, but instead of something bad happening, we got some BOSHI ACTION! As many of you know, superstar BoA returned to Korea with “Hurricane Venus”  after years in Japan. And as proof of their sisterly relationship, 66.67% of Soshi visited the big unnie on yesterday’s Music Bank.

Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun all had schedules so they couldn’t make it, but the rest of the girls were able to chat with BoA in her blinged out MuBank crib. And it looked like this:

the six girls visting boa DUN DUN DUNNNNN

The amazing thing is that SNSD were in Thailand and they arrived home yesterday morning. According to a rep from SM, the girls asked to head straight to the Music Bank waiting room from the airport. Wow. Talk about SM Family Love! Even still, SNSD apologized for missing BoA’s first comeback stage performance, but I’m sure BoA was cool with it.

In fact, I bet they had a party o.O

I just really wanted to post this picture

But a post about Boshi isn’t legit without some vids of course! (or some links to other posts w/ vids):

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