…because there is great news for Bushido all you Jungcest lovers!

As many of you know, the SMTOWN LIVE 2010 Concert will be held in less than 3 weeks. And for the first time, the genetically-pristine Jung sisters will be performing a duet! Hazzah!

Yulti and Taeny might be true love, but this comes oh so close

Last month, SM posted the lineup for the concert, and there were some special stages including a Volume (vocal?) Battle, Dance Battle, Battle Special, special guests, etc.

Well, one of the plethora of performances will be graced by the famous Kpop sisters, Sica and Krystal! Jestal? Krysica? Jekry? Kryjes? The two will be performing a duet for the first time but we will have to wait until the concert for the deets.

As for the other duets, there will be performances by Boa and Shinee’s Key (lol shiny key), DBSK’s Yunho and Changmin, AAANNNNNNDDD….. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and our very own Seohyun! Surprise! You thought this was going to be a Jungcest-only post right? Hah! The two maknaes will join forces like the Power Rangers and blow you away with their amajjing vocals.

Speaking of Power Rangers,

Plus, there is a new iPhone and iPod touch app right hurr that you can get for freeee! And free stuff is good.

Now for vids and pics:

Krystal is a big sister wannabe!

And the maknaes

They make Seoul look 5742389254x better

Yay for duets!

Which special performance are you most excited for?

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