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August is a special month for many S♡NEs. The month of SNSD‘s debut, the month of SNSD’s anniversary, the month S♡NE came into being and the month SNSD will debut again in Japan. But before any of that, today on the 1st of August, it’s time to celebrate and congratulate the wonderful being that is SNSD’s Tiffany!

Our Hwang Miyoung, the girl with an eye-smile as beautiful as her heart, soft as the heart-shaped cushions you so dearly cherish but with determination stronger than steel, congratulations on 21 years of life, and 3 years with your SNSD sisters.

Congratulations to the bubbly and happy-go-lucky Fany, who brightens up whichever room she happens to be in with a 5000 mega-watt smile. May we continue to see that smile forever.

Congratulations to the careful and worrisome Fany, who thinks about her other members first and foremost, without fail. Worry about yourself a little more though.

Congratulations to the quiet Fany, who sometimes keeps to herself and makes everyone worried, but usually does a full 180 by the next day. Himnae-ra-him!

Congratulations to Manager Fany, who takes it upon herself to maintain the image of the rowdy and careless members, but sometimes forgets about herself. You’ll make a good mother some day.

Congratulations to the mischievous and playful Fany, who goes “Merong!” to her members with that big fat grin we all know and love. 100% adorable in every possible manner.

Congratulations to the brave Fany, who crossed an ocean for a chance to realise her dreams, leaving everything behind and jumping in head-first. You’re amazing.

Congratulations to the American girl Fany, who wears her shades like a Hollywood star and whines about Korean food until Jessica takes her out to eat pizza. Don’t lose your American charms! ^^

Congratulations to the hyper and excitable Fany, who talks faster than her Korean vocabulary can keep up and shouts at the top of her lungs. Storm voice Fany forever!

Congratulations to DdilFany, who makes mistakes and laughs about it later or falls down the stairs and freaks out all the fans, throwing the forums into chaos. Please be more careful now that you’re 21! (Or 22, if you wanna go Korean style.)

Congratulations to the complex Fany, who starts to seem alot more deeper and intelligent than her initial impression the more you get to know her. “Nerd is the new cool”, right?

Congratulations to the mature Fany, who grew from a young and immature girl into a stunning lady (who occasional acts like a kid…XD). Us Fanytastics are still wowed by how beautiful you’ve become.

Congratulations to the workaholic Fany, who is passionate and hardworking (to a fault) in everything that she does, with no exceptions. Get more sleep okay?

Congratulations to the strong Fany, who shines through adversity and never gives up on her dreams. Just watching is you is a joy and inspiration.

Congratulations to the just-rather-stay-at-home Fany, who just treasures her family more than anything. Have a fun party with your members.

And congratulations to the kind and sweet Tiffany, the girl who makes friends faster than you can blink, who individually greets and writes letters to every single staff member, who recognizes and bows to her fans, who doesn’t stop when finishing her task but moves on to help another, who donates to charity and volunteers in soup kitchens, who is well-known throughout the kpop industry for her polite, unique and loud greeting, who cries over injured dogs, who makes PDs want to protect her, who touches the hearts of everyone around her and inspires her fans with  her incredible strength and ethics.

Stephanie Hwang, the girl with the biggest heart in the world…

Happy Birthday.

(in your favourite colour)

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Super duper birthday post by; Procrastinatoress@snsdkorean

(oh, and before I forget, happy 22nd birthday Leo Hwang, Tiffany’s big brother. ^^)