It’s finally Aug 1st… our west coast girl’s birthday! I’m sure fans have been waiting and waiting for this day just to show her some extra love! This post will be dedicated to SNSD’s Tiffany, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

As time past, I’ve been refraining myself from refering Fany to “FanyFanyTiffany” and “Mushroom,” because let’s face it: this girl is all grown up! From her short bob cut to long hair, chubby face to a thin v-lined face, loud outbursts to more thoughtful comments, Tiffany has proved she’s grown up and willing to change for the better. No way this girl will rely on her laurels!

Below is all of Soofany’s favourite Fany videos. If we can’t celebrate with Fany, the least we can do is watch her and listen to her gorgeous voice…(Ok, that sounded a wee bit too desperate!)

Seohyun & Fany – Sometimes

Fany – Like Yesterday

and ofcourse… some JeTi/JeNy goodies:

Only One For Me

Genie in A Bottle

Garden in the Air

Heaven (Rehearsal Clip, in which Fany actually sounded better!)

Can’t Fight the Moonlight

and ofcourse… their official song: Talk to Me

Notice a pattern with all the videos? Obviously these are all radio perfs! SNSD’s Tiffany is well loved for her vocals. I LOVE FANY FOR HER VOCALS. Out of the group, she has had the least training but her voice.. is just a unique gift from god. Whenever a new SNSD song comes out, her part is always the first one defined by me. I just love love love her voice, which is why thank heavens, she gets to sing songs in FULL and LIVE for us on radioshows!

So I conclude with: Happy Birthday Fany! I wish your singing career will last forever, because it means people from around the world will get to enjoy more beautiful vocals!


I hope you all enjoyed the fanyism. GT and I were just talking on msn the other day about how we hope Fany will prowl around here since we are one of the biggest english Soshi blogs around, so let’s get straight to the best part: YOUR COMMENTS! Wish her a happy birthday and let her know how much we love her! Who would want Fany coming here and seeing no love?!?!?!


~Thank you to the following youtube uploaders for these great videos: aslotussradio, pipibopipi, minanki25, tingkuhbell, kammy49, and jinyoungahn.
~Thank you to milktealove@asianfanatics,, sgt25go@6theory, deaaan@6theory!