Edit: Just a heads up since such a handful of comments have stated this, this photo is not real but its hot.
After Sunny made her return to Invincible Youth for a special episode, now is KkabYul’s turn to go back to the G7 members! Sorry fans but it’s not permanent but just a guest appearance.

This coming Thursday at COEX Hall in Seoul, Yul and the current G7 ladies will be hanging out at the ‘Invincible Youth’ booth at the “Second Industry of Farm and Fishery Village Showing Event”. The girls will be selling all the crops they have grown ranging from watermelons to potatoes and etc.

IY fans, raise your hand if you’re excited for yul’s return even if it’s just one episode! 😀

Oh and who loves the picture (;

source: twitter.com/taengbear, jckalovedd@soompi
writer: boss lady@snsdkorean