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The KBS 2TV ‘Yeoyumanman’ show on the 26th of July revealed a special but short confession by Chun Jungmyung of his ideal type of girls. Surprisingly (well, it’s not surprising at all actually) Jungmyung’s ideal type(s) mentioned on the show are from our beloved SNSD members!

Chun Jungmyung is an actor who starred in many TV series, including Cinderella’s Sister (KBS2, 2010), and a number of movies such as Hansel and Gretel in 2007. His achievements are highlighted through his numerous awards in the acting industry, including The 42nd Baeksang Awards for Best New Actor TV. This just shows us how lucky our soshi  girls are!

At first, Chun Jungmyung claimed that he didn’t have a specific image of his ideal type, however, he revealed that he liked girls groups, in particular SNSD. Shortly after this, Jungmyung was requested to select his favourite member out of the girls group. He sweetly confessed:

Among SNSD’s members, I like Yoona and Taeyeon best…Yoona is feminine and innocent while Taeyeon is cute and adorable. Since their charms are different, I like them both.

It’s great to see that our lovely soshi are receiving more and more attraction,  particularly Yoona, who has always been very popular with other male idols. Their optimistic attitudes and cheerful behaviour are just contagious and so luring 😀 !

Credits: Hyunjin808 @ soshified, photo basic editing by annabananaz.