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As many of you probably know, our loveable former-G7 member Soonkyu Sunny recently accompanied the G7 cast to their trip to Japan. The latest episode has just come out, featuring the girls holding a mini-showcase in front of Japanese fans of the show.

Not being a G-7 member anymore, Sunny didn’t participate in the group performance but she did get a solo perf like everyone else.

Shinyoung began by introduced the girls,  off showing off some gags in Japanese; yeah other comedians ain’t got nothing on Shinyoung. Sori (new member) started off the performance, being followed up by After School’s Jooyeon (new) performing “Diva”, then good ol’ Kara’s Hara Goo and “Lupin”, f(x)’s Victoria (new) doing “NU ABO”, folding screen’s T-ara’s Hyomin did “I Go Crazy Because Of You”, adult-dol Narsha did Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” and the group performance ended with Secret’s White Paper Sunhwa and “Magic”.

The girls did some introductions afterward, showing off Narsha’s terrible Japanese, which was followed by a series of excellent solo performances where the members showed off their individual talents. You know, like uh…contortionism and trot.

Of course, being a Sunshiner I highly reccomend that you check out Sunny’s perf. If you recall, she stunned us with her voice in SNSD‘s cover of “Beautiful Restriction” that they did last year on Music Travel Lalala, and she’s done it again. No joke, her voice is just…<3 Plus, Hyomin’s fangirling is a total bonus. Sunny’s driving us all crazy with her Japanese JuBuAe too, the fans were totally unprepared for it. Okay, I’ll stop spazzing now.

New member Sori also mentioned in an interview with Sports Chosun about her first encounter with Sunny;

“Sunny told me not to just work hard. She said that the program’s concept, in general, is working. But it is still a variety show, so she said I should show more entertaining things. I thought about it, and I realized that I focused too much on working. From now on, I will work hard and try to deliver laughter to viewers.”

And she also went on to say;

“To be honest, before I met Sunny, I thought she’d be uptight. However, after meeting her, she is really laid back and is really cute with a good personality, so we got close fast. I also think that we were able to get closer because we met in Japan, rather than in Korea. We were in a situation where we would have to depend on one another, and I think we just got closer after sleeping and eating together.”

credits; noii9101@YT, ch0sshi @kpoplive.com
article by; procrastinatoress@snsdkorean