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Japanese this, Japanese that. Not only are we getting alot of Korean news about SNSD like always, there has recently been a non-stop flow of news from the land of that good ol’ sun that rises. Just goes to show just how hyped up everybody is over Shoujo Jidai.

Japanese music magazine “SUKAPA-!” has caught on to the whole k-pop hype that’s brewing in Japan right now, and has done a feature on 3 female k-pop groups who are planning on heading over to Japan; 4minute, Kara and our very own SNSD. The August 2010 issue couldn’t have had a better cover picture. You know, you don’t see as much SNSD on the cover of magazines as you would expect though. SM doesn’t have them do as many photoshoots as they could.

The topic of SNSD has also been popping up in various shows on Japanese television.  It looks like early next month Sky PerfecTV is planning to do a 15 minute special on the girls;

JP TV Sukkiri also did a feature on the girls recently. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find any Japanese shows on youtube on account of Japanese stations being even more copyright crazy than SBS or KBS but luckily there are some epic translators over on SSF who are more or less life-savers. The general gist of the feature went like this;

Next on this special report on Kpop idols we will introduce SNDD who will have their breakthrough together with Kara.
Editor from magazine FraU: ‘The Japanese idols nowadays want to reveal their original selves but Korean idols are hidden under a mysterious veil and have a group feeling.

Narration: (BGM:Gee)
Next a group, who gets a lot of attention amongst the girl idols: SNSD. 9 girls who combine beauty, beautiful voices and beautiful legs, will finally debut in Japan in September.
Cute and sexy SNSD’s songs and dances are coming our way

“SNSD’s charisma derives from the abilities of their leg dance. It’s called the beautiful leg dance. The legs that they use have the ability to captivate anyone that is watching, like magical legs.”

Genie MV
“Having 9 girls dance in perfect order is the highlight, moreover with the amount of people in the group makes it more exciting.
At the beginning, they may all look the same but after seeing them 2-3 more times you will get to know them. You will understand their detailed characteristics and like them even more, just like that wonderful cycle of love.

“They have already reached number one in Taiwan, Thailand, and the Phillippines, but it’s no doubt that they will breakthrough in Japan too”

Japanese S♡NEs are also currently working hard to learn the fanchants for SNSD’s songs in time for the performance at ariake stadium. It seems they are watching past SNSD performances to do so. Aww, you gotta find them Jap fans a little cute. XD There seem to be alot more female fans of SNSD rather than male fans too.

http://ht.ly/2eqO1 <link to a very tacky but cute little site.

Speaking of Japanese fans, yet another Japanese artist has admitted to being an SNSD fanatic. Said artist is Haruna Ono, the leader of a super popular Japanese rock girl group, “Scandal“. She admitted to being very interested in the group and even owns the season 2 star card collection.

In relation to SNSD in Japan, alot of people have mentioned that they look more like ‘models’ rather than ‘idols’ because of their OMFGSOPRETTY factor as well as their pretty legs, which is one of the reasons they seem to appeal more to females in Japan. They get referred to as ‘super-idols’ quite often too, due to the fact that they cover so many different areas of entertainment.

SPA, another magazine also compiled a list of what they expect to become ‘BIG’ in Japan soon, and if you’ll notice, SNSD is on it too. Yay~

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