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Great news!

We hear a very familiar voice all the way from Japan…which is  from our lovely Sooyoung! Sooyoung simply presented herself in a cute video for soshi fans, updating her latest status over there (and also shows her gorgeous smile :)) . With her continuous enthusiasm and positive attitude, Sooyoung seems to be having bucket loads of fun!

Sooyoung’s appearance on the video has brought many fans to the attention that she somehow looks different – her style has changed to slightly longer hair and different make-up styles, but she still looks so beautiful!

Some fans have also realised that Sooyoung’s clothes in the video may contribute more evidence towards  SNSD’s predicted Japanese version of Tell Me Your Wish. Sooyoung wore a dark-ocean blue suit outside a white blouse, which was perfectly matched with a neatly-done tie. This style of clothing can be closely related to the ones shown for the TMYW promotions. Check it out yourselves below.

We can say that a reason for Sooyoung’s comfortable and joyful trip in Japan can be traced back to her previous experience in the Japanese music industry.  She had previously debuted from a former Japanese-Korean group produced by Kawamura Ryuichi under the unique title “route0”, along with group member Takahashi Marina. Have a peak at their previous single below called Waku Waku It’s Love (Nov 9, 2002). Note: Sooyoung still looks as cute as she does before :P.  Hope you enjoy!

Credits: Soompi – athaena9, OnlyLoveSNSD4, girlti89@yt, wilsone9@soompi