Yeah THIS deer 😛 It seems like our girls are being spotted more regularly these days now..makes me want to pack my bags and head over to Korea. Knowing my luck though, the girls would’ve probably left the country by the time I get there. 😐 Anyway, on to the spottings!

Thanks to silis7noy:

From twitter today

“.. went to Costco to get some Pizza and BBQ keke… Soshi Yoona and the manager I think were there buying several packs of frozen pizza. In real person she is a total goddess.. I told my friend I saw Yoona and he punched the floor regretting he didn’t come with me keke”

Yesterday at the Rodeo shopping district

“God~~~~~ dess
How can those eyes nose and mouth fit in that small face..
But she wasn’t as tall as I thought. And the first thing I thought was her neck was long and she is small…
I wanted to feed her something there
I was embarrassed but… I talked to her… and got her autograph
There was no pen and she took out an eyebrow pencil from her pouch and signed with it for me I was so so moved”

I swear, it’s ALWAYS involving food 😛 Several packs of pizza this time around. Though I wonder if Maknae joins in on the pizza eating for real now even though she did take a small bite in the Domino’s commercials.