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must be one helluva bag.

A recent Mnet Media music research found that of the idol groups, SNSD topped the list of leading trend icons. Is anyone disagreeing? If these girls can make pizza look like world class cuisine, they can definitely make a simple bag be on any girl (or guy’s) wish list.

In popular show “We Got Married”, Seohyun carried around a shoulder bag from the Coach Poppy Series. The Maknae is known for her love for Coach, so it is no surprise that she chose the feminine-style bag.

By contrast, Yoona sported a different bag in the second to last episode of “Family Outing Season 2”.  Although she may seem like a sophisticated pop star at times, we all know that deep inside, she is merely Im Choding. Fitting her label as the resident elementary kid, Yoona wore a MCM white backpack that gave off a childish vibe. The cute backpack once again shows Yoona’s inner kid self.

After calling Hyoyeon a fashion terrorist, Sooyoung must be quite the fashionista, right? On the SBS “Win Win” episode guesting all 9 Soshi members, Sooyoung was ranked as the member with the best fashion sense. Several weeks ago, SNSD’s Shikshin filmed a cameo for SBS drama “Oh My Lady”, and in her snapshot with Hyoyeon, Jessica, and Super Junior’s Siwon, she asserted her role as not only the food eating machine, but also as the chic star. The Union Jack-design bag became known as “Sooyoung’s Bag”.

Which one’s your favorite?

Cr: Nate.com