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Of updates that is! 🙂

Silis7noy provides some rumors about the girls’ Japanese debut and Korean comeback. Then we get some info about the girls being sighted around Korea, mainly shopping or eating 😀

Girls are busy with preparations for the Japan debut. The debut song recording was rumored to have finished just recently. There is no real information about the Japan debut song. The only speculation/rumor we had was that it will be Japanese version of Tell Me Your Wish. Rumor or not Japanese version of TMYW probably do exist already; some people heard a clip of a Japanese guide version. But it’s completely unclear if it will be the title debut track. The Korean comeback album is also in preparation. The girls may even be recording the Korean comeback song right now. The release of the next Korean album is likely to be early next year but it will ultimately depend on how Japan debut turns out. The girls practicing with Rino may have to do with the Japan and/or the Korean title track.

There were several sightings of the girls around the town lately in July

Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Yoona, Seohyun were at a bookstore in Coex mall, browsing the language books section, so probably choosing some Japanese texts
“The four girls wore thong sandals looking like girls hanging in the neighborhood..”

Tiffany was seen shopping at The East Gate, largest public fashion district in Korea

A twitterer witnesses SNSD girls “I’m at The Plate, great pasta and bread. Wow SNSD Yoona Jessica Hyoyeon are here kekeke all three are really pretty”

And Yoona Jessica and 3 other members were spotted at a restaurant enjoying some gourmet beef
“People from next table were waiting to get autographs but they couldn’t approach because the girls were eating so enthusiastically and chatting so much hehe”

Superbad (Despicable Me) hasn’t opened in Korea yet but one person saw a prescreening with Taeyeon and Seohyun dub. She says the girls were excellent, Taeyeon great as expected and Seohyun is daebak her voice acting was so smooth even though her character is really different from Seohyun’s personality.

Just the usual, eating and shopping like every other girl (: As for the Japanese rumors, it sounds tiring just to read it. Working on two albums for two different countries. I actually prefer the rumor to stay just a rumor. I was reading about how hard it is to tackle the Japanese market and it just sounds like major work. Plus I’d hate to see the girls forced to fly back and forth.

The last update is a little more bright though don’t cha think? Can you imagine one of the girls playing out Agnes? “IT’S SO FLUFFAY I’M GONNA DIE. IT’S SO FLUFFAYYYY.”

Also, I was reading soompi a few days ago and sorry I can’t credit a person exactly but rumor has it Hyoyeon had a dance battle or something with Bi. Not much else has been said about it so if anyone does know anything more, please share!