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EDIT: Added an interesting little fan made video at the bottom..hahaha

Team Jacob..Or Team Edward

So Team Buff or Team Pastey Ass, Tiffany? Sadly I think she’s always been a fan of Edward. Anyway, back on topic 😛

I can just hear the boys logging onto this fan site and moaning “Wtf not again….”. So DJ Isak, former member of of the SM Duo “Isak and Jiyeon” and close friend to our snsd girls, just tweeted about going to the movies with Tiff! About 9 hours ago the ladies watched the third movie from the twlight saga, Eclipse. Here’s the screen cap of the tweets:

Sigh, I can totally imagine Mushroom sitting there screaming every time her favorite character appeared..but hey, it’s great that she can take some time off and go catch a movie. Just don’t pull all your hair out honey..November 2011 sweetie. Part 1. (LOL gosh, they just really want their money don’t they? Pulling a  Harry Potter trick and releasing the final movie in two parts. Least there’s a plot great enough for two movies in HP. Sorry Twilight fans :X)

But most importantly, when she says Steph did not get work done, she’s referring to Tiffany (her real name being Stephanie) and that whole plastic surgery scandal. There you’ve heard it, SHE DID NOT GET WORK DONE. Moving on now.

And if you’re wondering who soulstarhoon is, he’s the lead singer of the group Soul Star. That’s all I can tell ya 😛

source: http://twitter.com/realISAK

writer: boss lady

On a random note since a few people have asked me this already, no I am not a twilight fan but I am team jacob. Shoot just look at him. 😀 Though I did see Eclipse midnight premiere..least that brings me somewhat closer to Tiff. No kidding. I guess watch it if you’re still debating. Dakota Fanning’s scenes just scare the living hell out of you. What a great actress. 🙂

The fan made video:

LOL. credits to jetified on youtube