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More YulTi lovin’ 🙂 The girls look wonderful. Pure and simple outfits are always the best. Laaav it.


Who’s lovin the silly new version of Gee? (;
Eeeeee 2:37 and onward, gotta love it when Yul starts teasing Tiff for her “brighter than mushrooms jewels” thing 😛 And 3:15, nuff said.

Seriously love this duo when they MC. Although I don’t understand a majority of what they’re saying, you can still tell how much they’ve improved over the many months. I showed my friend a recent MuCore cut and the first thing she says is “Wow, they’re really great talks especially Yuri and Tiff is just mad gorgeous.” Coming from a Korean that isn’t into Kpop but does like YulTi thanks to my influence 😀.