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Nope sorry SooRi shippers, we aren’t actually gonna be talking about them in this post. We’re gonna talk..SooFany.

SooFany? I can already hear the angry outbursts from fans. ;D Look at Sooyoung’s left hand fans and what do you spot? A ring. According to bossa747’s twitter, that ring was bought by Tiffany from Tiffany and Co. for Soo as a sign of their friendship.

Aww how precious ❤

Awhile back, Yoona mentioned during her Taec scandal that her ring was also shared by snsd. The group had brought rings to wear to represent their lovely soshi bond. Ah 🙂 These girls are so cute.

Since we’re already talking accessories and this blog never really talks about SNSD’s style, here’s something a little off topic:

That’s the Glitz Ceramics Watch by Michael Kors. Credits to jetidal on twitter for the link but the price he/she posted..I believe it’s in something other than USD so I googled it myself and it’s $500. Gah damn.