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It’s a once in a blue moon thing, but Youtube actually recommended me bunch of awesome videos. Awesome Hyoyeon-related videos, to be exact. Some of you might have seen ’em, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to re-watch the awesomeness that is Kim Hyoyeon, right? 😀

The first one is “Da Hyo-bible” which is pretty self-explanatory an awesome fanmade video of Hyoyeon’s epic moments, and the rest are a series of our dancing queen’s amajjing Engrish compilation. Enjoy the videos!

Da Hyo-bible

cr: hyomorous@youtube

Hyoyeon’s Epic Engrish (credits to asiankrstyle@youtube)

Isn’t this girl so precious? Speaking of Hyoyeon, recently we posted about how her best friend, Min, is just debuted under the new girl group Miss A>. Apparently, Min is not the only Hyo’s bff who just recently debuted. Another Hyoyeon’s friend named Gina Choi also just debuted as a solo artist under Cube Entertainment. Gina (stage name: G.NA) released a duet single with Rain, titled “What I Want to Do Once I Have A Lover“. If you’re wondering how we know about Hyo and Gina friendship, Gina is often seen leaving messages on Hyo protected-to-public Cyworld; and from the looks of it the messages indicated that they’re very close. Hyo also always mentioned her in her thank-you notes.

Haha I bet Hyoyeon must be very thrilled that her best friends are (finally) debuting! I can’t wait to see for them to interact on stage. Too bad SNSD is about to focus on Japanese market so it’s not likely to happen soon. Anyway, since we didn’t posted the pre-debut Min and Hyoyeon’s videos back then, here’s the “Little Winners” dance team rehearsal and performance vids!

cr: ma904@youtube

I demand future Hyoyeon and Min dance stages, kthxbai.


Source: hyomorous@youtube, asiankrstyle@youtube, ma904@youtube
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