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Just a quick update with some new Samsung China pics, some SNSD iPopcorn promotional pics and more vacation pictures from the Sooyoung. Oh, and some IY surprise. =)

First up, more releases of the girls for Samsung! (another pic at the bottom)

Then next up we’ve got some more pictures of Sooyoung on her vay-cay with her pretty unnie Soojin. Man, Soo was totally living it up huh?

And then a batch of iPopcorn promotional photos. Honestly I forgot they were advertising for this product but yay, cute pictures.

Finally, some BTS pics of the IY in Japan filming from Hyomin’s cyworld. Sunny was a special guest for the trip; apparently Hyomin cried because she got to work with Sunny Bunny again. ❤ It’s a shame Invincible Youth will be lacking SunScreen on a regular basis, but it makes those rare moments on other variety shows and music programs even more precious.^^

Sadly, the solo shots from iPopcorn are missing Hyoyeon and Sunny, but here’s an adorable gif to appease you HyoHunnies and SunShiners.

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