Because the 9 angels are comin’ to you!

I’m sure after watching the countless fan cams of the SNSD Concert in Seoul and Shanghai, Taiwanese SONES were just as envious of the attendees. Well no more worries because it’s just been confirmed that Soshi will have their first ever Taiwan concert on October 16, 2010!

It’ll be at the Taipei Arena where the main stadium can hold up to 15,000 people! Famous artists including Fahrenheit, Jolin Tsai, Backstreet Boys, Ayumi Hamasaki and Jacky Cheung have all held concerts there before. (Has any Korean artists ever performed at this venue before? Wiki doesn’t say anything about Korean artists ever being there but you cant trust em)

Superdome shall be in charge of the event so look to them for ticketing details HERE. Price ranges from $800-$4000 TWD.


How exciting is this! Another concert 🙂 Even though many of us won’t be able to attend, we’ll support them in spirit and pray for some awesome fan cams!

Just a glimpse of what the arena looks like:

Don't know if the girls' concert will be arranged like this though

source: 7lotus@soompi
writer: Boss Lady@snsdkorean