If you’re a Kpop follower, I’m sure you’ve heard about the new group miss A. And within the group, there’s a member named Min.

Looks like we might possibly have a new pairing to ship. MinYeon? HyoMin?

In a recent interview, Min was asked to discuss her friendships with our very own Hyoyeon and Kara’s Nicole. Min stated “I met Hyoyeon at a dance school called Little Winners a long time ago. We made a team together and did performances. I still keep in touch with her often. Hyoyeon was very happy once I told her that I was debuting. Through Hyoyeon, I became friends with Nicole. I meet with them often and chatter.”

Now, not sure how much interaction we’ll get out of these two but maybe someday we’ll spot them on a show or two together. Or maybe even just hanging out in public 🙂 And remember what they said during Hyoyeon’s MTV Lifestyle episode, she’s a girl you want for a friend!

Because I love this picture.

If I were to sit here and nitpick out the traits I’d look for in a friend, hyoyeon would possess them all ❤ Funny, outgoing, caring, with a little bit of Kkangpae in her. (omygosh how long has it been since we’ve last heard that word?..)