Let’s start off with Taeng umma sharing food with some super lucky fans during a break in Win Win recording:

Seriously, how often does a celebrity do this?
Nevermind… this is what angels do right?<33

There’s also been a mystery photoshoot with our deer Yoong. The concept is yet again pure and simple, with the setting being a cafe as well as a picnic. (More pictures at bottom)

An advertisement for food? Innisfree? Wait, let’s take a closer look: I see MUSHROOMS.

YoonFany are quite sneaky these days.

It seems Soshi were once again spotted for Samsung, this time with SooYoonHyun. What they were selling exactly, I don’t know. XD Samsung sure knows how to sell a brand though.

The very awesome sin chan has also released an IY g7 mashup video set to Soshi’s Be Happy:

I’m seriously going to miss SunRi on Invincible Youth, the show just isn’t going to be the same without the Bunny and Class President. That said, best of luck to the new members of G7! Although I have a feeling a certain folding screen is going through some tough times…

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