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On the 26th, the SNSD girls gathered at an LG sponsored event and met 100 lucky fans who bought the LG Cyon Cooky model and came along to meet them.

Here’s a fancam of the girls entering the building where the fanmeet was held, as well as a Yoona-biased fancam, followed by a complimentary bunch of photos.

The MC of the event was the prodigal comedian Kim Shinyoung. Honestly, I think she should become SNSD’s personal MC or something because they all have a blast whenever she’s around. The event consisted of chatting, fan-signing, games, photograph taking and even dance lessons.

Where there is SNSD, there are fans, and where there are fans, there are pictures.

Pictures = Pic spam
Ergo, here is your pic spam.

It looks like Hyoyeon wasn’t having a good day haha. Oh well, the pout is adorable. Tiffany seemed pretty out of it as well, but hey that’s to be expected seeing as she’s fresh out of the hospital. And I hear she’s suffering the after-effects of wisdom teeth removal! Let’s cheer up, alright girls?

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