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“This kid is very upright.” -Tiffany

“I wish you would have some more flexibility in life.” – Sooyoung

“You’re scary!” – Sunny

Seohyun you’re really frustrating!!” – Yuri

“She’s a complete grandma!” – Hyoyeon

She is meticulous. She is a frustrating fellow.” – Taeyeon

You say whatever you want to us. ‘Unnie, you’re going to die’ and whatnot.” – Jessica

“No, you’re prettier! You are!” – Yoona

“I’ve never met someone like her” – Yonghwa

SNSD‘s maknae Seohyun is certainly what you’d call a unique individual. Firm in her beliefs and always wondering how to improve herself, she is a person who has her eye on the goal and knows exactly how she wants to live her life. Do you want to live as purely and disciplined as Seohyun? Well, luckily for you, here we have compiled the very first list of Seo Juhyun’s lessons on “How To Live Life 101”. Yeah, we’re planning to make a text-book for schools soon.

1. Boys? Dating? What!?

What’s first love?

A large part of the reason why Seohyun is such an innocent kid is her lack of interest in boys. Before Yonghwa came along, with the exception of Johnny Depp the kid found zero appeal in the opposite sex. Being an only child and having grown up surrounded by unnies, it seems the idea of dating never even crossed her mind until she found herself married. Now she has enthusiastically put her effort into dating properly and awkwardly trying her best. Baby steps everybody, baby steps.

2. Don’t marry too soon.

“My umma told me this. If you get married early, it slows you from reaching your goals or doing what you want to do. Wait till you’re 20 and then for 80 years…”

You heard the girl. Don’t worry too much about becoming a wife or mother early; your own goals and ambitions come first. After you have done what you wanted to do, get married and then live until you’re one hundred.

3. Study hard and read alot.

She’s been described as ‘carrying bricks in her bag’ by Tiffany for always having books with her. She’s constantly scolded by Hyoyeon for waking up early to read or study, her manager has noted that she always has her textbooks out during free time and she even encourages others to read alot. If you work hard at school and university like Seobaby, you’re sure to go far.

4. Never give up on your dreams.

“If your dream is alive, then one day it will come true.

Don’t be afraid to be ambitious. Strive toward your goals, no matter how big they are; singer, dancer, diplomat – it’s all good.

5. Maintain a healthy diet!

“Unhealthy diet accumulates, and eventually you’ll die.”

Live on fruits, vegetables, beans and sweet potatoes. No chips, no ham, no fried udon, no crackers and DEFINITELY no hamburgers. You will live a long life. Also, drink milk and you’ll end up like Seohyun. Don’t drink it and you’ll end up like…well, not naming any names, a certain bunny-like individual.

6. Be sensible with your money.

“My family has educated me. They told me…They told me to manage my money well.”

Right down to every single won. Even if it was just for a packet of sweets, always remember if you lend someone money. Even years later. Discipline those around you by giving out fines when they’re late as well.

7. Respect your elders.

“Stop using honorifics!” -Taeyeon
“I don’t want to. I’m afraid of how you’ll react.” -Seohyun

Talk to those older than you respectfully, go last and make way because you’re the maknae, be polite and sensible in public, and then at home boss around your unnies however you want. Secretly you’re ‘on top’ anyways.

9. Humility!

“Unnie, you’re much prettier than me.”

Never one to say she’s pretty despite how gorgeous we all say she is. *sigh*. According to Seohyun, she doesn’t play piano well, she’s not that pretty…Oh well, it’s loveable. XD Humility never hurt. Be humble and don’t get big-headed – it’s good for your character.

10. Obey the rules.

“You must always wear your seatbelt.”

Yes, Seohyun always heeds the traffic safety laws. This may stem from a good upbringing, or from the fact that SNSD have been in car crashes before and she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. I hope it’s the latter because it’s somehow cute. Another random Seobaby moment; she moves to the right side of the escalator to stand and then the man standing behind her is like ‘shock!’ for a second before following suit. Lol, it’s the Hyun-effect.

11. Help the needy.

“I must share my blood.”

Seohyun is a girl who is very aware of the things going on in the world. Always remember those in the world who aren’t as fortunate as yourselves – support charity, do donations, take care of the sick etc. Remember to donate blood if you haven’t been outside the country recently and you’re not on medication, you could save the lives of 3 people with thalassemia.

12. Be careful of your health.

“You said you would stop smoking!”

Yes, aside from the obvious of not eating hamburgers, you must also stay healthy by taking care of your body. Your body is a temple. Stay healthy and fit, and don’t smoke!

13. Don’t bother with high heels.

They never stay on anyway.

Last but most definitely not least;

14. Love your family.

“And since I’m the maknae, the unnies take even more care of me. I don’t think we will be broken apart very easily.”

“I truly… have nothing but gratitude for my unnies. (tears up) I’m just so thankful and…I really can’t say anything other than just thank you. Yoona-unnie, Tiffany-unnie, Jessica-unnie, Sunny-unnie, Taeyeon-unnie, Sooyoung-unnie, Hyoyeon-unnie, Yuri-unnie, thank you so much and I love you.”

“We confide in each other, and really spend time together like a family.”

“They are pretty much my family. Because we know each other so well, we can tell just by looking into each other’s eyes.”

“We have great chemisty together. Just like teenage girls, we’re lively and laugh easily. At the dorm we’re even more active…I worry that we may be too loud.”

“Because I was an only child, I was so envious of my friends who had unnies. But then, suddenly, I got eight unnies!”

“I love you, I really love you. SNSD, I love you.”


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BTW- bonussss 😀
Let’s finish up with Seohyun in a performance of Kim Taewoo’s ‘Love Rain’. Partly because Taewoo’s great and it’s a good song, but mostly because Seohyun is perfection ❤